Print dispensing system for profiled wooden boards


Bundles of wood are labelled continuously at 40/m/min using thermal transfer printing. This involves 1:1 labelling, i.e. there are no labels in the feeder or a loop.

High-performance printers with a 64-bit processor and self-cleaning print strip and automatic print dot monitoring ensure production without interruptions.

Sack labelling machine


The TA/1O-ALX was developed for the labeling or coding of empty paper or plastic sacks.
The sacks are taken individually from a stacking magazine by vacuum suckers and transferred to a pickup belt, aligned and transported further. During subsequent transport the sacks can be given a label and/or inkjet coding. The label can be printed on the spot with variable data by means of thermal transfer technology. Restaking is done after the labelling.

Labelling station for flat products


Items such as bags, folded boxes, CDs, etc. can be labelled. The products are placed in a magazine and then lined up and labelled. The label can be printed beforehand or on the spot. The capacity is around 120 products a minute, depending on the size of the product and the label.